Friday, June 15, 2012


Summer dresses for Electric Forest!!! (From Target)

The Adventures of Olivia and Annie

The past twelve summers of my life have been dull, lonely, and depressing. I didn't properly balance my working and social lives, so this summer I've decided to change that. I have embraced spontaneity and taken the reins of my life.

Yesterday my dear friend Olivia surprised me with tickets to the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, MI. It's an adorable little town with friendly faces, a beach, great dining, and cute stores. We sipped on yummy coffee and devoured tasty pastries, put flowers in our hair, went thrifting, and flounced around in pretty dresses. The night sky was gorgeous and we laid down on a blanket and looked for shooting stars and made a few wishes. Could we be any cuter?

A few local bands opened the event and Liv and I made eyes with one of the vocalists and decided to go blow some bubbles on a nearby dock. A few minutes into the next show, the previous Vocalist and his Friend came walking up to us with a bunch of their friends standing off watching. They asked us to the after party, and then invited us to their show tonight at Bell's Brewery. If things go well, we're going to invite them to a friend's party! Did I mention they're all super cute? ;)

C'est la vie!